EnMAP-Box 3 LMU Agricultural Apps Documentation

EnMAP and Agriculture:

EnMAP enables the derivation of special information products, which are used for decision- making in the context of site-specific crop production. Implementing precision technology in farming strategies can lead to more ecologically and economically sustainable utilization of the bioproductive land surface. Compared to conventional multispectral Earth observation systems, hyperspectral imaging systems such as EnMAP guarantee (1) a greater variety of observable variables, (2) higher accuracy of the information products by avoiding misinterpretations, and (3) global transferability of variable estimation techniques, which are independent from in situ calibration data.

EnMAP-Box 3 Agricultural Applications:

In order to use IVVRM, the EnMAP-Box 3.0 or higher needs to be downloaded and properly installed as QGIS-plugin. Please visit EnMap-Box 3 documentation for further instructions on how to install and link EnMAP-Box 3.0 with QGIS.

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